Sombra, at long last

After months of speculation, ARG and leaks, Sombra has finally been officially unveiled. Here’s everything we know so far.



Sombra is the next character to come to Overwatch, and despite her unveiling this weekend, it feels like we have known her for quite some time now, after all the leaks and the ARG adventure.


Sombra’s Role and Difficulty

Sombra is a 30 year old, Mexican hacker previously affiliated with Talon, Los Muertos. She is an offense character with a difficulty rating of three stars.

The Overwatch website gives some of her back story, but her original name is blocked out:

One of the world’s most notorious hackers, Sombra uses information to manipulate those in power.

Long before she took up the alias “Sombra,” ░░░░░░ was among the thousands of children who were left orphaned in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis. With much of her country’s infrastructure destroyed, she survived by utilizing her natural gifts with hacking and computers.

After ░░░░░░ was taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos gang, she aided it in its self-styled revolution against the government. Los Muertos believed that the rebuilding of Mexico had primarily benefited the rich and the influential, leaving behind those who were most in need of assistance.

Following her many conquests, ░░░░░░ was supremely confident in her skills, but she was caught unprepared when she stumbled into the web of a global conspiracy—one that had also noticed her. With her security irreparably compromised, ░░░░░░ was forced to delete all traces of her identity and went into hiding.

She later reemerged as Sombra, upgraded and determined to find out the truth behind the conspiracy she had uncovered. Sombra launched an even more audacious string of hacks, and her exploits earned her no shortage of admirers, including Talon. She joined the organization’s ranks and is believed to have contributed to its massive cyberattacks against corporations with strong ties to their governments. These efforts incited a popular revolution in Mexico against LumériCo and breached the security of Volskaya Industries, the manufacturing arm of Russia’s anti-omnic defense.

Her play-style, as defined by Overwatch:

Stealth and debilitating attacks make Sombra a powerful infiltrator. Her hacking can disrupt her enemies, ensuring they’re easier to take out, while her EMP provides the upper hand against multiple foes at once. Sombra’s ability to Translocate and camouflage herself makes her a hard target to pin down.

Here are her abilities:


Sombra’s weapons/abilities

She will be playable on the PTS next week with the new arctic map, Ecopoint: Antarctica.


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