Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders are lower than Ubisoft expected

Pre-orders for Watch Dogs 2 have been lower than expected, according to a Ubisoft call with investors today.


Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders are lower than Ubisoft expected

According to IGN, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also added that pre-orders for Far Cry 3 came in lower than expected, yet the game received high sales and positive feedback.

Guillemot said, “People wanted to see if the game was up to standards,” during the question and answer portion of the call, attributing to this same idea for Watch Dogs 2.

Guillemot also took time in the call to talk about the Nintendo Switch, giving it positive words saying that it was a “true innovation.” This obviously reeks of collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft, which Nintendo has already addressed.

Furthermore, The Crew, Rainbow Six Siege and The Division have more that 10 million registered players each, according to Ubisoft. The player-base has seen a steady growth in its monthly active users, up by 44 percent over last year.

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