PSVR sales are “On track”

According to Sony’s most recent earnings report, the PlayStation VR is “on track” in terms of sales, less than a month after its release.


PlayStation VR

The earnings report¬†failed to report any specific numbers, leaving it down simply to the remark of “on track,” so that doesn’t specify whether the device has actually met their goals, but perhaps it is too early to tell.

The PlayStation VR headset launched on October 13th into a very strange market. Virtual Reality has yet to find a true foothold, as many consumers are still examining whether or not the trend is just that, a novelty trend, or a mainstay into gaming and entertainment. Also, the technology doesn’t seem to be quite where it needs to be for it to truly take hold.

We will have to see where it goes, and I suggest keeping an eye on the Vive.

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