The Battlefield Twitter account got really offensive today

Making light of a war that resulted in over 38 million casualties is probably not a good idea, even if the war was a hundred years ago. Apparently the Battlefield Twitter account doesn’t understand that.

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They used the hashtag #justWWIthings, which, for what I hope are very obvious reasons, people were not happy about. WWI was one of the deadliest events in human history, so saying that their tweets were insensitive is an understatement.

I am not one to be overly sensitive about these kinds of things. They don’t typically bother me, but when it about a war, or a terrorist attack or a genocide, that’s taking it too far.

The tweets seemed to be appealing to a younger generation by referring to “going to the club” and “your squad,” except these soldiers weren’t going to a club, and their squad was the group of people they relied on to watch their backs, as they were in constant threat of death.

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