Driveclub receives one final update

The tracks that were in Driveclub VR have made their way into the main game, which will be the game’s last update after the developer was dissolved by Sony.



The developer, Evolution Studios, was dissolved by Sony. Evolution Studios also made Motorstorm. Before they totally went away, they promised to bring these 15 tracks to the main game after they came with Driveclub VR, and they have now kept that promise.

Along with the patch, Evolution Studios left a farewell message in the patch notes that reads:

Thanks for your commitment. Farewell and enjoy the game!

It’s always sad to see a developer go, but looking on the bright side, it can make more room for new developers to come in and possible improve upon the genre.

While racing games are getting more popular, I still feel like they have yet to hit their peak, but I suspect that pretty soon, racing games will be a much bigger contender, especially with the meteoric rise of eSports.

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