Titanfall 2 falls short in first week

Titanfall 2 has fallen short in terms of sales. The new, multi-platform game ended up than the original in its first week.


Titanfall 2 couldn’t outdo Battlefield 1

Perhaps it was due to the much more effective release of Battlefield 1… okay not perhaps, it definitely was because of the release of Battlefield 1, but the sales were not effective in the UK, according to Chart Track.

Titanfall 2 only managed to claim the fourth spot on the charts, with Battlefield 1 claiming first, Skyrim: Special Edition claiming second and FIFA 17 claiming third. With the competition of the most anticipated first-person shooter, as well as one of the best fantasy RPG’s of our time, you can’t expect Titanfall to do great.

Examining (and speculating) the audiences of the games provides some insight into Titanfall’s minor flop. The game obviously is a first-person shooter. With this, most fans of that genre were going to drop money on Battlefield 1 before they would on Titanfall 2.

Furthermore, the game has some fantasy aspects, be it scifi or not, and those fans are going to spring for Skyrim.

So, with this “flop,” in sales, I would say, don’t be too harsh on Titanfall 2. It had big competition, and still has plenty of time to deliver.

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