[broadcast ended] Watch Australia vs Finland in the Overwatch World Cup right now!

Bad luck Aussies – Muselk and the team lost 2-0 against Finland. There’s still one more day of the group stage, but Group C looks likely to be sending Finland and South Korea into the weekend’s World Cup finals. Tomorrow, Australia faces off against Chinese Taipei (the only team so far to win a round against the Finns), from 5:15pm Pacific time. Hop onto Blizzard’s Twitch channel to watch it all unfold – and cheer on the locals!

Australia's Overwatch World Cup team 2016

Australia’s Overwatch World Cup team 2016

Original Story:
If you’re looking for a little eSports to start your week on the right foot, the BlizzCon 2016 eSports Opening Week is currently in full swing! Tune in right now to catch Australia vs Finland in some competitive Overwatch action – it’s Group C, Round 2 of the Overwatch World Cup, and the Aussies are down 1-0 in the best-of-three match up.

The top two teams from each group in this Overwatch tournament will go on to compete on the stage at BlizzCon this weekend in Anaheim (November 4-5 (5-6 Australian time)).

There’s plenty of other competition happening: Overwtach is joined by World of Warcraft Arena, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and StarCraft II, with everything streaming live on Blizzard’s Twitch channel.

Tune in now and cheer on the Aussies – Refz, Heykatie, Yuki, Kura, Termo and team captain Muselk – we’ll have more details on the finals when the teams are determined a little later in the week.

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