The mysterious Miitopia is coming to Japan in 2016

Nintendo has been extremely tight-lipped about their upcoming 3DS game, Miitopia, since its announcement back in September. Now, we know a little bit more.



Miitopia will be headed to Japan in 2016, as revealed by Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima at an investors meeting.

Literally nothing is known about the game other than the title, and a decal. The decal does provide some room for speculation, however.

There is a sword, as well as a wizard head and some sort of devil-horned head in the decal for the game. The obvious place to go with speculation is that it will be somehow fantasy based, but that could mean anything.

It could be anything from a puzzle game to an RPG, but given that the name is “Miitopia,” a play on the word “Utopia,” or an idealistic land, one can only imagine that it is somehow an RPG or MMORPG of sorts, but of course, this is all speculation.

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