More rumors about the Nintendo Switch

A number of sources have released some information about the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming console-handheld hybrid device that has had essentially no real information released.


Nintendo Switch

According to Eurogamer, a number of trustworthy sources that have been very accurate in the past have released some more information to them.

The information comes in the form of a touch screen:

The screen of the handheld portion of the device will be 6.2″ in size, 720p and have a capacitive multi-touch screen, a first for Nintendo.

The Switch’s screen is a 10-point multitouch display, which means multi-finger gestures are supported.

The reason why they probably didn’t feature that in the trailer was because they are really trying to get away from the DS branding, and showing that touch-screen might make viewers think the device is more a continuation of that, rather than a brand new system.

More, official information about the Switch is set to come at a Nintendo event on the 13th of January.


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