Nintendo reveals sales plan for Switch

Nintendo has revealed some of what they plan to do with their upcoming mobile console device, in terms of sales and pricing.


Nintendo Switch

Of course, they have yet to set a price point, and probably won’t for a long time, but Nintendo President┬áTatsumi Kimishima did reveal at a financial briefing that Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki attended that they plan on selling 2 million units (to retailers) by the end of March.

According to an analyst that Mochizuki spoke to, that number is practically meaningless, because we don’t know the release date. If the release is early March, it isn’t enough, and if it is in late March, it’s fantastic.

Kimishima also said that the company would not be selling the console at a loss, but that they are listening to what consumers expect the price point to be, adding that he hopes that consumers will try it out before they make any calls.

Kimishima then said that, after seeing the device in its entirety, he is sure consumers will see the stark difference between it and the 3DS.

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch at some point in March of next year.


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