GTA Online to give out $250,000 to all players

GTA Online is going to be giving out $250,000 to all players on PC, Xbox One and PS4, as well as discounts and deals galore.


Here are the anniversary deals on vehicles

This is all to celebrate it’s 3 year anniversary. All you need to do is log on between now and October 31, and you should have the money in your Maze Bank by November 4th.

Along with this are various discounts, including a 30 percent discount on select vehicles, clothes and tattoos from all the free DLC, available until November 7th. The vehicles on sale are show in the image above.

Other discounts coming are:


  • Heavy Shotgun – Last Team Standing
  • Marksman Rifle – Last Team Standing


  • Outfits: Hipster – I’m Not a Hipster
  • Outfits: Finance & Felony – Further Adventures in Finance and Felony
  • Tattoos – Lowriders
  • Tattoos – Lowriders: Custom Classics

So be sure to log on so you can get that cash, and then you can really take advantage of these great deals.

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