Patents suggest that the Nintendo Switch is hiding something amazing

Some patents by Nintendo suggest that the Nintendo Switch might be concealing something pretty epic that has yet to be revealed.


A virtual ball, projected onto the hand of the user

Polygon did some sleuthing into the various patents that Nintendo has filed over the past year, and if what they found is correct, prepare for some pretty astonishing innovation.

The patents suggest that the Switch will include a gyroscope, GPS, touchscreen, compass, motion tracking, image recognition and a projector that can project an image onto a flat surface or a hand.

There’s a lot to digest in the article, but the main highlight is that of the project and sensors that would allow for something to project onto the hand of the user.

In the patent, Nintendo uses the example of how their sensors can detect between Rock, Paper and Scissors, as well as:

  • Answering math questions by holding up the correct number of fingers
  • Moving a snake across the screen by moving their hand toward the side of the device
  • Steering a car
  • Projecting an image or colors onto a player’s hand from the device
  • Detecting what a player is holding in their hand
  • Throwing a virtual baseball projected onto a hand back into the game using gestures (or catching a ball projected out from the screen.)

That’s all we have about it, because Nintendo is being extremely tight-lipped about their new device. Consequently, there is no way to prove or disprove these findings.


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