Overwatch is getting a pro league (at some point)

It looks like Overwatch will be getting a pro league at some point, complete with arena events and career players.


The news comes from an interview with Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision Blizzard (via The Street), from CNBC, who were at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Kotick said:

What we’re doing is creating professional content. So we’re organizing around teams and leagues. You will have the Overwatch League which will have a certain number of teams. Those teams will be a combination of professional sports teams as owners and endemic sports teams as owners.

So, essentially something very similar to what we have with League of Legends or DOTA.

He also noted that there will be things like arena events and in-person spectating.

The interest comes because of the meteoric rise of eSport popularity, with Kotick saying that eSports now has over 100 million spectators, more than both the NFL and NBA.

Don’t expect it to come too soon, though. Competitive Overwatch still has a few kinks that need to be worked out first, but it is improving very rapidly.

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