Not everything about the Nintendo Switch has been revealed yet

Nintendo has told us that they haven’t shown everything about the Switch yet, saying that more is coming in 2017, and one Redditor thinks they know what those things may be.


Coming March 2017

Nintendo told the Wall Street Journal:

“We haven’t shown everything.”

And perceptive Redditor, EveMK89, agrees, posting:

Detach button(s).

Start and Select buttons. NOT a D-Pad!

Power and volume buttons.

Potential shoulder buttons! Sneaky!

Pointer functionality? Rubber feet?

Stylus slot?

SD Card slot?

Glimpse of the bottom.

Here’s the headphone jack, for those who don’t know how to use their eyes.

Yeah, you can charge it.

Dock includes USB ports and indicates when the Switch is docked.

Each of those contains links to images that they think proves what they are expecting.

Now, none of those are particularly groundbreaking, earth-shattering links, but given that Nintendo wants to tell us essentially nothing about the device, we’ve got to squeeze that 3-minute preview trailer dry of all information we can.

Nintendo has also gone on record saying that they would not be releasing any specs until next year, but we do know that the device will use an NVIDIA Tegra chip and be Unreal Engine 4 compatible.

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