Nintendo Switch revealed

The Nintendo NX has teased us for a while now, but we finally know what it is: the Nintendo Switch.

The device is a home console that can be plugged into a TV, but when players want to go on the move, they simply take the gaming tablet (complete with removable controllers on the side), and go.

The tablet has two identical but flipped controllers (called Joy-Cons) that slide onto either side. When being used as a home console, the two controllers work in tandem with the tablet as one controller. However, the interesting thing is that when you’re on the go, and you have the tablet with you, you can remove the two controllers and you and a friend can play a multiplayer game using the tablet as the screen, hence the identical controllers.

Furthermore, the device will have separate, full-sized and more “traditional” controllers, most likely these will have to be bought separately.

Also, multiple Nintendo Switch controllers can be used together for local multiplayer, so if you have two systems, you can have four players playing at once, completely on the go.

We also see in the reveal trailer a new 3D Mario game, Skyrim: Definitive Edition, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, NBA 2K17, Mario Kart 8 and some sort of Splatoon game.

Here are the first promotional images:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Here is a list of some of the developers that will be developing for the new console, as provided by Nintendo:


A Sampling of Nintendo Switch Developers

While the concept is cool, and it’s nice to keep handheld gaming somewhat alive, we don’t know any specs yet, and in a handheld running console-level games, power and battery are key.

Overall though, it seems like it will be a fun time with friends, which is what Nintendo loves.

The Nintendo Switch will be out in March of 2017.

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