Amnesia finally coming to PS4

The entire Amnesia series is finally getting its debut on the PlayStation 4 in a triple pack titled “Amnesia: Collection for PS4.”

Amnesia is finally coming to a console

Amnesia is finally coming to a console

The announcement came via a post on the PlayStation Blog by Thomas Grip, Creative Director of Frictional Games.

Grip details the history of the game, and the goes on to make the announcement, saying:

However, we never brought Amnesia to consoles. Over the years, we’ve been close to making it happen, but deals either fell through or we simply didn’t have time for it. It’s now time to change that. On the 22nd of November, Amnesia will be available on PlayStation 4 and for the first time console gamers will be able to take part in the terror.

But we won’t just be releasing Amnesia: The Dark Descent alone. We’ll be including two other games in the package as well.

One of them is Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, which was developed by The Chinese Room (who I’m sure many PS4 players remember from Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture). We asked The Chinese Room to make this game because we loved the stuff they’d done in the past (especially an obscure horror game called Korsakovia) and were curious to see what they’d do with the Amnesia universe.

Our initial expectation was just a short 1-2 hour game, but their ambitions went far beyond that, and in the end it turned into a full-featured release. The result is something that takes a slightly different direction from the first game, putting the themes of human evil from The Dark Descent into a global perspective with very disturbing results. We’re very proud to have it in the collection.

The third game is a lesser known Amnesia title called Amnesia: Justine. This game was made as part of a promotion for Valve’s Portal 2, where we, together with a bunch of other indie developers, took part in an Alternative Reality Game. We decided to use this as an excuse to do something different and went full in on making a whole new story in the Amnesia universe. Justine is a shorter game, taking the form of a series of trials and is heavily inspired by films such as Saw and the historical persona of Elisabeth Báthory.

It would be nice if the release lined up better with Halloween, but regardless, it’s very exciting to finally get this release. I can’t wait to sit in the dark with my flat screen and get scared senseless.

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