Diablo 4 might be revealed at Blizzcon 2016

There’s a bit of hubbub that Diablo 4 might be announced at Blizzcon this year. The evidence isn’t great, but it’s definitely interesting.

Blizzcon starts on November 4, and that is essentially where the speculation lies: November 4.

Essentially, Blizzard gave out Dungeons and Dragons dice with their Blizzcon 2016 goody bag. The little bag that the die come in is Diablo themed, and on the D4 die, there is a printing error that works out that it kind of says 1-1-4. People are taking this as November 4, and since the die is a D4, they think that that corresponds to “Diablo 4.”

Of course, this is a stretch. Most likely, it’s all speculation; however, if this was intentional, it was a great ruse on Blizzard’s part.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a sleuth as well, and here’s what I noticed:

114 + 141 + 411 = 666

666, the “Number of the Beast” is notoriously seen as “Satanic,” and the name of the game is Diablo, right? Maybe that’s it right there.

And maybe all of the major world leaders are lizard people, it’s all speculation.

If you want to check out the die and hear more about it, watch Youtuber Rhykker’s video above.

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