Watch this guy play Overwatch… with bananas

Yes, you did in fact read that correctly, this Twitch player managed to rig up Overwatch so that he could play with bananas.

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No matter how you phrase that, it just doesn’t make sense. You really have to see it to understand it.

The news comes via Polygon. The Twitch streamer, Rudeism, is from New Zealand, and he has a history of non-traditional controller methods, including using a DDR dance pad or a Guitar Hero controller for games like World of Warcraft and Rocket League.

His latest foray, the banana system, rigged up a dozen nanners to his computer so that he could control none other than the game’s Gorilla Genius, Winston.

Yes, he thought about using Peanut Butter, but it doesn’t conduct electricity very well.

The banana controller uses four bananas for WASD keys, four for mouselook, and one each for fire, jump, shield and ult.

Watch the stream above and marvel in the chaos.

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