Technically, PSVR works with Xbox One and PC

Technically, you can use your PlayStation VR headset with your Xbox One and your PC, but only using the headset’s cinematic mode.

Works with Xbox One and PS4

Works with Xbox One and PS4

An Xbox One or PC can be connected to the PSVR headset processor via an HDMI cable. You won’t get crazy VR functionality, as it will display these other units in the headset’s VR mode, but it’s interesting that that works.

It was originally spotted on Reddit, and then IGN independently confirmed that it does in fact work.

Using the PlayStation VR headset with any other system also does not feature head tracking or 360 sound, so essentially what you’re getting is a head-mounted display, and nothing more, but it’s always fun to play around with hardware combos.

The PlayStation VR headset launched yesterday, and marks the first console to get VR.

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