Dark Souls 3 PVP gets awesome updates in upcoming DLC

Dark Souls 3 is going to be getting even better for fans on PvP, once the new Ashes of Ariandel DLC drops later this month.

The newest trailer is all about PvP, which is basically what every player ends up doing after they beat the game a million times.

What looks to be the coolest part about the update is the addition of 3v3, which is something players have been wanting for quite some time.

The trailer outlines the feature by showing two teams of 3 in a battle.

Player-vs-Player is one of the most fun parts of playing Dark Souls 3 for veterans, because it keeps the game alive. No matter how much you love the games, you can get tired of playing the same story over and over (although it takes a while for that to happen).

If you’re a fan of the games and haven’t tried PvP yet, I strongly urge you to pick up a Red Eye Orb!

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