Some rad new Vive controllers are in development

Some new controllers for the HTC Vive are in development, and they look like they could bring some more *immersion* to the Virtual Reality experience.

Shamefully, I don’t know much about VR. I haven’t really gotten to try it out, but I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of videos of it, and have drawn a few conclusions on it, the main one being that the Vive looks like the most fun to me.

Well, it could get even better with these controllers that they put on show at the Steam Dev Days conference. They can be seen in the images shared on Twitter above, and they appear to allow for players to open and close their hands and even possibly use different fingers, functions that VR is currently missing (although the Oculus Touch controllers are now here).

It will be interesting to watch the progression of VR. We’ve seen VR slip into video games here in there, especially in arcades, but it never sticks because it’s all about the novelty of it. In order to continue to exist, VR needs to become the way we play video games. It needs to be the next gen.

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