Nintendo has the best storage rooms

Nintendo has graced us with some images that make any video game historian gleeful. The pictures were taken in a Nintendo “storage room” (saying storage room brings to mind a dusty, cluttered corridor, but it really isn’t) and show us that Nintendo is all about preserving history.

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Look at it kind of as Nintendo’s personal Svalbard seed vault (a place where countries store seeds in the case that they would ever need them in a disaster), except instead of storing seeds, Nintendo is storing consoles. These consoles are a true piece of history; examples of a phenomenon that has gripped the world: video games.

The pictures show boxed and even unwrapped Nintendo Family Computer Systems (Famicom), including Famicom Disk Systems and a Famicom Disk Writer for writing games onto blank disks.

I find joy in every single game system, console wars aside. I’m just as happy to jump on an Xbox or PS4 as I am a Nintendo console. Video games are about entertainment, and if in the end you feel you have had fun, or been told a great story or seen any form of entertainment, that game system has achieved its goal.

Nintendo is at a particularly tricky area of video games, as they are always trying to combine their fans’ nostalgia with innovation, and this can only go so far.

Where Nintendo chooses to go in the future is on them, but one thing that will never die is the immense collection of memories that we have of booting up our NES, giving our little brothers Luigi (I was actually the little brother), and hopping through the mushroom kingdom.

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