Overwatch surpasses 20 million registered players

Overwatch has surpassed 20 million players, neatly with the launch of their newest event , Halloween Terror.

Impressive figures for an impressive game

Impressive figures for an impressive game

The milestone was announced by Blizzard today, and signifies a rather impressive amount of growth for a game that, honestly, is not that complex.

But that’s what makes Overwatch great, right? They took the Team Fortress 2 formula, stripped it of some of the chaos, and made a game that has truly become a cultural phenomenon.

I’ll be the first to admit that Overwatch has not received the coverage it really deserves, mainly because of Pok√©mon GO. If anyone had known what a disappointment PoGO would be, things definitely would have been different, but hindsight sees in 20/20.

That isn’t to say Overwatch has struggled in the slightest. The game continues to rage on, and for many people, has breathed new life into the first-person shooter genre.

It is important to note that the 20 million registered players mean 20 million accounts, not copies sold. If someone lost their account and signed up for another, that’s two accounts for one person right there, times however many people have experienced that.

Regardless, the game is very important. I hope that all of you are enjoying some spooky Overwatch right now.

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