Overwatch’s Sombra and Halloween event may have leaked

It seems like we may know some more about Sombra and Overwatch’s Halloween event, following a leak that appears to show the new hero, along with a possible new game mode coming with the event.

This could be Sombra's design and back story, along with some game mode text at the top

This could be Sombra’s design and back story, along with some game mode text at the top

The leak came on Reddit, and seems to show an internal Blizzard document that shows Sombra’s design, along with a bit of back story.

Apparently, Sombra “is one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers. As a child she lost everything during the Omnic Crisis”. She alliesĀ “with computers to survive” and “worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico”.

Also appearing at the top of the image is the text about the newest game mode which seems to be a horde-style game mode where you have to “protect the castle doors from the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.” You will be able to “try your hand at three different difficulties – the harder the difficulty, the more points you can earn!”

This could all be fake, keep in mind, but it seems pretty legit and, if so, pretty interesting!


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