Half-Life VR might be coming

At this point, having any anticipation of a Half-Life 3 release just seems silly, but we could be put back into the world in the most immersive way possible: Virtual Reality. Some new clues from Valve may hint towards Half-Life VR.

Valve News Network has reported on some code found in the latest Dota 2 update that contains a shattering glass panel and a line that says it’s “used to force the HLVR player to speak.”

Also, a recent update to Steam VR app Destinations contained many lines of code for HLVR, including VR interaction and weaponry.

The other possibility, for the pessimists out there, is that this is left over code from past experiments. Valve did say they were using existing assets in Half Life when testing VR, so it is possible that that is what we are saying; however, it seems odd for new things to be added.

Keep in mind, if this is a new Half-Life title, and the player speaks, it most likely won’t be featuring silent Gordon Freeman.

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