New Oculus technology could halve the price of a VR PC

A new innovation from Oculus could drastically cut down on the price of a virtual reality ready PC, essentially halving the price.

VR just became a lot more accessible

VR just became a lot more accessible

The cost for a VR ready PC could be down to $500 USD because of Oculus firmware called “Timewarp” and “Spacewarp.” They are two separate systems that make software running at 45 frames per second feel like it’s running at 90 frames per second, which is the desired frames per second in order to rid the experience of nausea. Essentially, they work together to create synthetic frames. This lowers the requirements for a PC, and improves upon the hardware already inside.

Oculus says the minimum specs will be an Nvidia GTX 960, an Intel Core i3-6100 / AMD FX4350, and 8GB RAM. That would make for a PC costing about $500, while most VR ready PCs right now are going for $1000.

Oculus also announced the price of their Touch controllers, $200, and a third sensor for $79. They also announced that they are working on a headset that won’t require hooking to the PC.


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