Overwatch: Big changes are underway for Symmetra

Do you play Overwatch? Do you play as Symmetra? Pay attention, because something big is coming – and everyone’s favourite architech is about to undergo some massive changes.

However, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explains that while the team is “looking at” Symmetra, overhauling the character won’t be a simple matter compared to others. He describes the recent scope change to Widowmaker as “relatively small and easy”, but says Symmetra will take a little bit longer.

We are looking at Symmetra. I don’t think changes for Symmetra are as easy as some minor number tweaks that will have her available and ready for play in a changed fashion very soon.

One of the major changes that’s been suggested for Symmetra is to turn her into a healing class – but Kaplan (and the Overwatch team) are against the idea, saying they’d rather move her out of the support category completely rather than shift her design.

Instead, the changes are designed to make Symmetra more appealing as an offensive character, rather than only being played in defence. These are likely to be more along the lines of cooldowns and timers, but there are tweaks on the books that “might be a little bit more dramatic in terms of design vision for her”.

We’re not looking at making Symmetra a healer. What we’re looking at is making her more viable in more situations.

If you’re hanging out for these changes, don’t hold your breath. Kaplan says the update won’t roll out until mid-November at the earliest, but it’s likely to take even longer. In the meantime, enjoy the changes to Widowmaker and Junkrat that are playable on the Overwatch PTR right now, and check out what else Kaplan has to say in the Developer Update video above.

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