Playstation 4 gets Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods, 4K support

Good news for Playstation 4 owners as Bethesda announces Skyrim and Fallout 4 will both get mod support, not long after announcing they would not!

Skyrim Special Edition, the remastered version launching October 28th, will have modding on day one. Bethesda also revealed support for the new Playstation 4 Pro, with Skyrim rendering in “native 4K” for an even nicer look. It’s unclear when 4K support will come as the PS4 Pro isn’t available until November 10th.

3840x2160. 14.7MB PNG. Mmmm.

3840×2160. 14.7MB PNG. Mmmm.

Fallout 4 fans will still have to wait for modding to come to Playstation, with Bethesda promising to work on that just as soon as all the Skyrim stuff is done. After being told modding wouldn’t come at all, this is probably still better than that.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. While you will be able to upload mods that only use assets found in the games, you won’t be able to upload or use any mods that make use of external assets. This means popular mods like Immersive Armors and Weapons for Skyrim or the K-9 Harness for Fallout 4 will not be coming to Playstation, at least for now. Nor will SKSE/F4SE, the respective script extenders for both games, though most everyone expected as much for both consoles.

Still, this is very much good news as a lot of mods rely solely on in-game assets and the built-in scripting engine, meaning Playstation 4 owners can finally get a taste of what it’s like to own a real gaming machine!

Read the announcement, and see more Skyrim screenshots, on the official blog.

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