AquaDome Rocket League DLC launched today

The latest Rocket League DLC is out, and with it comes the newest arena! Take a swim to the AquaDome.

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The newest DLC sees the addition of the AquaDome, which really isn’t super special, other than the fact that it’s underwater, but it’s a free fresh change of scenery, so who can really complain?

Also added via the DLC is two new cars, Triton and Proteus, both (as expected) are water themed. The launch vehicles Hotshot (there’s always a car called this in cartoon-y car games) and Road Hog also see design updates. These come at $1.99 per car.

AquaDome customizations items are also added, along with seven new Achievements and Trophies, and some standard game refinements.

Also, this update sees the addition of the “Champions Series III” Crate, which can be opened with keys that help “fund Psyonix’s eSports initiatives.”

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