World of Tanks seasonal finals hit Sydney this month

This year’s League APAC Season Finals will be a little bit different. It’ll still be the same edge of your seat eSports action, it’ll still feature the same complex strategic moves, and there will (of course) be plenty of tanks. The thing that’s different? The event will be held in Sydney!

Yep, the League APAC Season Finals – Season I 2016-2017 are headed Down Under, taking over the brand new ESL Studio on Saturday October 22. The best tankers in the region will duke it out over a massive US$100k prize pool, and the chance to compete in the international Grand Finals next year.

Jini Jun, Head of Competitive Gaming at Wargaming APAC explains:

Hosting the APAC Season Finals in Sydney is an awesome way to deliver a true eSports spectacle in a new way for fans. Australia is a beautiful country, and we’re showing that we have a real dedication to eSports in the region. We’re sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

ESL’s Sydney studio is the first of its kind in Australia, and has already played host to a bunch of world-class broadcasts and live events in its first year.

The WGL APAC Season I Finals 2016-2017 will see teams facing off in “fierce and tactical tank combat”, in what’s shaping up to be one of Australia’s truly international eSports events. Just like in previous years, the structure is simple: Four teams, single elimination, two Semi Final (best of nine) rounds. The Grand Final will be a best of 13 affair, with the winner taking home US$50,000.

…and if you can’t get to Sydney, don’t worry. The event will also be broadcast live online, in English, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean!

As with all Wargaming and WGL events, you don’t have to be a World of Tanks player, eSports enthusiast, or history buff to enjoy the show. As long as you’re a fan of entertainment that keeps you on the edge of seat, you’ll be at home at with us.

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