Pokémon GO is still GOing strong

Pokémon GO’s hype is definitely dying down. At this point, only actual fans of the game, and not those who hitched the ride on the bandwagon, are left playing. However, that does not mean that the game is unsuccessful.

Pokémon GOing strong

Pokémon GOing strong

As reported by Newzoo, the game is still making great profits. Sure, they’re down from the peak $16 million per day, but they’re still residing around $2 million per day, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Also, the app is still seeing 700,00 downloads a day. All of this considering that is hasn’t even been released in China or South Korea.

Also, when considering whether or not Pokémon GO had brought in new mobile gamers, Newzoo’s statistics told them this:

The answer is a resounding yes.

According to our data, 24% of Pokémon GO players hadn’t, in the past three months, played any of the other top mobile franchises we researched. This suggests that the title has attracted more than 20 million new mobile gamers across the US, UK, Germany, and France alone. Some of these were already gaming on other platforms, but 8%, or around 6.6. million, had not played any of the 100 researched franchises in the past three months. 

This appeal to a new gaming audience has made Pokémon GO the most popular franchise across every country we studied. In fact, 37% of gamers across these four countries have played Pokémon GO in the past three months. This puts the game well ahead of Candy Crush Saga at #2 which was played by 27% of gamers.

Pokémon GO, despite its wild controversies, is still going rather strong; and, for a game that had as much hype in the beginning as it did, this is not a bad place for it to be.

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