GTA Online Biker DLC launches today

The Biker DLC for GTA Online launches today. The content allows players to be in motorcycle clubs and brings in new vehicles, clothing, weapons and game modes.

GTA Online sees the launch of the Biker DLC today

GTA Online sees the launch of the Biker DLC today

The motorcycle clubs consist of eight players, with one player serving as the president. The president of the club then has the ability to promote the other players based on their performance in the club. The different roles in the clubs allows players to take advantage of different abilities, like dropping support gear, changing riding formations and starting challenges.

The motorcycle club also gets a clubhouse that serves as home base. Currently, there are twelve different clubhouses to choose from, with each containing things like a meeting room, bar and the ability to buy an in-house bike shop.

While motorcycle clubs traditionally ride American-made cruisers and choppers (i.e. Harley Davidson, Indian), this update is seeing the addition of thirteen new bikes, ranging from sport bikes to choppers. The bike you choose to ride gives you different abilities.

The update also sees the addition of new weapons, and yes, you will be able to swing a melee weapon from the seat of your bike.

To earn money, your club will be able to choose between different criminal schemes like narcotics, money counterfeiting and document forgery.

The DLC also adds the game mode Slipstream. Slipstream has your club racing against other clubs. First club to cross the finish line in its entirety, wins.

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