Soon you can create your own Skylanders character with Skylanders Creator

Skylanders Creator is a new app coming this month that will allow Skylanders fans to create their own character and buy a usable 3D printed figure for the game.


Skylanders Imaginators

The figurine will cost $50 USD and be usable for Skylanders Imaginators. Also available is a shirt featuring the character for $25 USD, and a card featuring the character for $15 USD.

The app will have the same character creator as Skylanders Imaginators, and players will be able to import their characters from Imaginators to the app.

Creation parts must be unlocked, and will come for free, daily, with Skylanders Creator’s Timed Chests and Sensei Chests. Time Chests give users creation parts at certain times throughout the day, while Sensei Chests give a special creation part once a day.

The Skylanders Creator app will be released in Australia and New Zealand on October 13, in Europe on October 14 and in North America on October 16.

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