Amazon announces Twitch Prime, coming to select countries

After acquiring Twitch back in 2014 Amazon has seemingly not done a whole lot with the service, content mostly with tweaks here and there.

That changes today, with the announcement at TwitchCon of the new Twitch Prime service.

Piggybacking, as many fans have wished, on the Amazon Prime subscription service, Twitch Prime will offer a variety of goodies from free games to in-game loot, as well as discounts on newly released games sold by Amazon. On top of that, when you link your Amazon Prime to Twitch you can say goodbye to ads and hello to new emotes.

Perhaps the biggest, or at least most surprising, perk of Twitch Prime is you get one free Twitch channel subscription every month. Subscribe to your favourite Twitch channel for all the normal perks, like subscriber-only chat rooms, and the streamer gets paid as if it’s just a normal subscription. A great way to support your favourites, potentially without spending one extra cent!

If you’re thinking that all those things sound great, there’s just one more thing you need to know. It’s only available in┬áthe US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to begin with. Sorry, Australians. (And everyone else.)

With Amazon Prime beginning to create more original streaming content of its own, like the new motoring show from the former Top Gear presenters, this new raft of Twitch bonuses is sure to appeal to a lot of people who may otherwise have been on the fence.

For more details, head to the Twitch blog. To sign up, go to the Twitch Prime site.

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