The UK Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky

Things are really heating up in the case of No Man’s Sky’s advertising. Many players have complained that Hello Games used false advertising to generate massive hype behind their game that it simply did not live up to. Now, the Advertising Standards Authority is getting involved.

The No Man's Sky Steam Page

The No Man’s Sky Steam Page

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is looking into the case, as confirmed by Eurogamer, specifically looking towards the Steam page for the game.

The complaints are that the screenshots and videos on the page feature more advanced animal behavior, large-scale combat and ship-flying behavior that simply didn’t make it into the released game. Other complaints say that the screenshots represent a better graphical quality than what the game provides, and that the page references a lack of loading screens and factions that contest territory.

The investigation is still ongoing, but if the ASA came to a conclusive decision that Hello Games did falsely advertise their game, they would be asked to take down the false marketing, and if they did not comply, would face sanctions by the ASA that would see their paid-for ads on other sites being removed.

Also, even though the investigation is looking specifically at the Steam page, all instances of false marketing for No Man’s Sky would need to be removed if the ASA finds Hello Games guilty, including YouTube videos and marketing on other platforms.

The ASA itself is not a government organization, that is to say, it is not funded by the UK government; but, it is funded by a levy on the advertising industry.

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