Telltale’s Walking Dead Season Three release date leaked

There’s a large possibility that the next installment in Telltale Game’s Walking Dead franchise could be coming very soon.

Amazon says November 15, 2016

Amazon says November 15, 2016

The game has a season pass disc in production, and that disc has been put up on numerous websites, with the release date being November 15, 2016.

One of these websites isĀ Amazon, which lists the price as $29.99 and available for Xbox One and 360 and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Not much is known about the story at the moment, other than it takes place four years after Season 1, and features Clementine and newcomer Javier.

However, given the potential release date being so soon, it looks like we probably don’t have a long wait before we’re able to jump in and find out for ourselves.

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