The Battlefield 1 campaign trailer is live

The single player campaign trailer for Battlefield 1 is live, and looks as epic as one would expect.

Still not much is really known about the story that we will be playing out, other than we will be playing as four different characters in levels that are said to feel more open than in previous games, providing players with more choices than before.

The four characters will be a rebel fighter, an armor crewman, a fighter pilot and a “message-runner.” It looks like we get some glimpses of these characters in the new trailer.

Something that particularly stood out to me, and could foreshadow the underlying theme of the story, is when a character yells out, “You can never stop the progress of machines!”

The Industrial Revolution had taken it full effect in the late nineteenth century in America, so by the time World War I rolled around, and the revolution was met with a truly massive war, the machines found their place within warfare. It would be interesting to see what this character’s line means for the story.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, 2016.

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