Controller changes coming to Overwatch

Overwatch has been a massive success, that is obvious; but, it has had its fair share of glitches and bugs. However, the odd joystick feel is neither of those things, and it has still garnered some dissent. That will be changing in the next patch.

Have Mercy!

Have Mercy!

The previous default for the joysticks is known as “Exponential┬áRamp” mode. According to Blizzard:

As the thumbstick moves toward the outside of its range, the sensitivity is ramped up exponentially. The acceleration remains relatively high throughout.

Now, players will be able to switch between that mode, and the new “Dual-Zone” mode:

The vast majority of the thumbstick’s range moves with reduced sensitivity and relatively high acceleration. However, when the thumbstick crosses to the outer 10% of its range, it will move with high sensitivity and relatively low acceleration. This mode will allow for more precise aiming, while still allowing players to turn around quickly.

The news comes from the latest patch notes provided by Blizzard.

The patch will be coming to both consoles and PC, but at the moment, players can only test the new mode if they have the game on PC on the Public Test Region (if you play with a controller on PC for some reason). Otherwise, PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait for the patch to come, of which it has no release date.

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