The Division’s Public Test Server is now up

The Division’s Public Test Server is finally up after a delay, allowing players to test out the Update 1.4 build of the game.

Are you going to hop on the PTS?

Are you going to hop on the PTS?

Update 1.4 is due for release in October, but players can give it a bit of a test drive now.

According to Ubisoft:

Note also that the first days of testing will be focused on progression between World Tiers, and thus your characters will not be transferred from the live server to the PTS. Instead, you will be able to directly create new fresh level 30 characters.

Players must have a PC copy of the game, and using the PTS requires players to download the entire 45Gb game client again. Doing so will not overwrite the player’s previous game client, as it is saved under a different folder.

The server will be staying up for as long as Ubisoft needs to collect feedback.

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