An N64 emulator has surfaced on the Xbox Games Store

A Nintendo 64 emulator has surfaced on the Xbox Games Store. Whether or not it will stay up is the question.

Xbox 64(?)

Xbox 64(?)

The emulator is called Win64e10, an updated version on Mupen64plus. The latest update to the emulator has added support for Xbox One after originally being for Windows 10 and Windows Mobile.

The description on the store reads:

Win64e10 is the most advanced N64 emulator for Windows 10. Play your favorite N64 games on your PC, tablet, Windows Phone, and Xbox One! You need Windows 10 Mobile to play on your phone.

Of course, the emulator is most likely going to be taken down by Nintendo. They aren’t going to let their copyrighted games be played on a system that they have nothing to do with producing.

The gaming world needs a stark balance between being about the games, the art and the players, as well as the developers, and their ability to make money. People always shout that it shouldn’t be about the money – that it should be about the act of playing a game and getting lost in the story or art or excitement; but, that completely disregards the fact that developers need to make money to continue to create. They can’t let their hard work go without reward, and this emulator is a good example of something that seems really cool, and that it brings the games we know and love from our childhood to a new world and a new generation, but if that’s what you want, get it from Nintendo.

Goodness knows their console gaming market is not exactly going hot right now.

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