Some awesome dude made No Man’s Sky in Doom in three weeks

No Man’s Sky was in development for years, just to be met with a rather massive amount of dislike. Well this guy took that and made it something incredible. That is to say, in three weeks, he made it in Doom.

He calls it No Guy's Sky

He calls it No Guy’s Sky

Robert Prest is a Doom modder who is also developing DoomZ, which is, you guessed it, DayZ in Doom. Well, he borrowed some of that code, made a bit of his own, and created this:

Okay, I know. Modding in Doom is significantly easier than building a massive game from the ground up like No Man’s Sky, but this mod would be incredible if it was made in three months, let alone three weeks.

He posts on his website:

Everything is randomly generated from an array, including the scenery, sky, floor, plans and aliens etc. There is plenty more that can be added relatively simply, and due to the flipbook style randomisation on the creatures, each addition makes exponentially more creatures and possible planets, but I didn’t want to spend too long on this before releasing. You can mod it to put in your own faces etc if anyone wants to do that.

Sometimes our weird world is just simply great.

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