Wargaming announces first World of Tanks Blitz eSports tournament

Get ready for the first global eSports tournament for World of Tanks Blitz, with Wargaming revealing plans for the first Blitz Twister Cup. The new tournament, reserved for Clan players, is the perfect opportunity to test your teamwork and tank skills – keep an eye out for registration!

The tournament will feature a series of online preliminary matches to determine a winner from each region – then the four best teams in the world will go head to head in a special offline event!

If you’re not yet in a clan, there’s still time – join up today and keep an eye out for Blitz Twister Cup signups!

Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Blitz Publishing Product Director explains:

We can’t wait for Blitz Twister Cup to kick off. World of Tanks Blitz is always growing, and the most skilled players out there have been crying out for a bigger challenge. This tournament will definitely show the kind of potential the game has in eSports.

As well as all that, there’s also a brand new vehicle coming to the game – the O-47 Project tank – the first in the Artist Signature Label, a new series of vehicles designed in cooperation with famous artists from around the world. This one is a collaboration with iconic mecha artist Kunio Okawara, famous for his work on the Gundam and Brave Series franchises.

Okawara explains:

Creating an original tank design for World of Tanks Blitz was a unique and fascinating opportunity. The game has a lot of fans in Asia and has collaborated with some fantastic anime already. I can’t wait for the players to see it and get to play the tank myself. I hope everyone enjoys this special collaboration.

A sneaky peek at the top secret Okawara tank

A sneaky peek at the top secret Okawara tank

The World of Tanks Blitz Artist Signature Label will feature additional work from artists over the next little while, with these unique (sometimes quirky) creations joining the already-impressive roster of more than 200 iconic armoured vehicles.

For more information about World of Tanks Blitz – including more about the Okawara tank and how to sign up for clans – head to WoTBlitz.asia!

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