No Man’s Sky is getting more content

It looks like No Man’s Sky will be getting more content, according to the game’s audio chief Paul Weir.

The news comes via the tweet pictured above, and confirms that there will definitely be something coming to the game.

Hopefully it isn’t too late for the game to pick back up, considering the massive amount of refunds demanded by players.

My idea – and I’m sure plenty of people will think this takes away from the nature of the game – is to have some kind of warring faction system. Have two or three or four factions that are battling it out for resources. The more you assist one faction, the more the other factions either like or hate you, depending on what side of the war they are on. I’m thinking something similar to the war in Skyrim. It is up to you whether or not you want to take part in it or not. If you remain neutral, you will have no one on your back.

That does slightly move away from the game’s original purpose of just exploration and discovery, but it doesn’t set a solid path for the player, so those things could still easily be the center of the game.

Also, adding something to the actual center of the Universe might be nice.

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