Every map and game mode in Battlefield 1

EA and DICE are letting us finally see every map and game mode set to be in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

There will be nine maps and six multiplayer game modes to start, with DLC coming soon in December.

The nine maps we will see are:

  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Empire’s Edge
  • Argonne Forest
  • Fao Fortress
  • Amiens
  • The St. Quentin Scar
  • Sinai Desert
  • Suez
  • Monte Grappe

The six multiplayer game modes will be:

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Operations
  • Rush
  • War Pigeons
  • Team Deathmatch

The release is rapidly approaching, and with such a successful public beta (over 13 million players), DICE and EA can be sure that their game will be a huge success. It’s so good to see a First Person Shooter going back into history, instead of trying to be all space-y.

Battlefield 1 is set for release on October 21st of this year.

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