Metal Gear Survive reuses an entire Metal Gear Solid V map

Metal Gear Survive isn’t going to be priced like a full game, so don’t expect tons of crazy new content, and expect a lot of things to get reused.

Does this bother you?

Does this bother you?

Metal Gear Survive is reusing Metal Gear Solid V’s engine, and no, that is not a bad thing. Sure, if it were an entirely new, full game, it would be a bit odd to reuse the same engine, but this game isn’t going to be priced like a full game, and it’s coming out rather soon after.

However, Survive is reusing some pretty major things too, like an entire map from MGSV.

It was pointed out by Youtube user rensehin, who put the MGSV map alongside the Tokyo Game Show demo we were given by Konami, and it is easy to see that it is the same map. Sure, some details have been rearranged, but overall, it’s the same map.

Metal Gear Survive is out in 2017.

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