Kojima teases release date for Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has left Konami and, subsequently, Metal Gear. So, the next step for the genius game designer was to start his own studio, and their first game has already turned many head. The studio head hasn’t said much about what to expect in the game, but he has teased a tentative release window, in his own way.



He teased the release window at a Tokyo Game Show panel, saying that the game, “…will be out before the Olympics. To go a little further, there is a movie called Akira, and it will be out before the year in which Akira is set.”

Of course, the Tokyo Summer Olympics are four years from now, the Summer of 2020, and Akira, the Japanese animated sci-fi film, takes place in the year 2019. So, the game almost certainly will be coming in the year 2018, but as far as anything more specific than that, you may have to use some espionage to find out, but be warned, Hideo Kojima knows espionage like the back of his hand.

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