New Battlefront: Death Star trailer, PS4 season pass currently on sale

I’ve been waiting since Star Wars: Battlefront‘s launch in November last year to finally buy the season pass but held back because it was ludicrously expensive. Finally, the time has come that it’s on sale for a far more reasonable price.

Currently the PlayStation Store is having a DLC sale with huge saving for a wide range of game DLC, but notably (to me, anyhow) Star Wars: Battlefront’s season pass is currently 40% from $75.95 to $45.57. And do you know what’s accessible in a few days to season pass subscribers? This bad boy:


This is the best the deal for the game’s set of DLC packages we’ve seen yet. At $45, split three ways that’s roughly $15 for each set of DLC released now and soon: Outer Rim, Bespin and the upcoming Death Star. The cost split is an even bigger saving when you factor the fourth and last set of DLC coming in early 2017, titled Rogue One: Scarif based on the upcoming December film. Buying the Outer Rim and Bespin DLC separately will currently cost $18.36 each (down from $22.95 each).


The upcoming Death Star DLC features five new maps, new weapons and Star Cards. The Death Star map itself is a three-phase mode starting off with taking out a Star Destroyer via space dogfights, then infiltrating on foot, finishing back inside vehicles for the Death Star trench run.  It’ll be available for season pass subscribers on September 21 (in Australia) on all platforms and two weeks later for everyone else.

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