The first two episodes of Pokémon Generations are live, and good

Pokémon Generations is an online series of 18 episodes that will release very week until December 23rd of this year, and the first two episodes are live and very good.

Pokémon Generations is a very good series

Pokémon Generations is a very good series

It is important to see them as what they are. They are not some sort of series that tells a linear storyline, but instead a recap into what Pokémon has seen in its stories in the past, like events and characters.

The first episode, titled “The Adventure,” begins with the opening sequence from the original Red/Blue games, cycling through the title, and loading a save that has the character catching a Pikachu. The episode then cycles through Pikachu battling his way through the different regions from Kanto to Kalos.

The second episode follows Detective Looker from the International Police as he investigates and attempts to capture the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. It is very exciting.

Both episodes are fantastic, and I particularly enjoyed episode 2. It was very exciting and had a sort of “noir” feel to it. Detective Looker has a Growlithe as his companion which is very cool.

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