A look at Pokémon GO Plus

The Pokémon GO Plus is out today, so we can now examine exactly what to expect.

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IGN has managed to get their hands on one of the devices early, and has given us a bit of insight as to what exactly comes inside the box.

Essentially, the pin-shaped pokéball device is a GPS sensor that has a button. Pressing the buttons allows players to catch Pokémon and collect Pokéstops.

So, the question is, even to the die-hard Pokémon GO fan, is this (honestly cheap-looking) peripheral really worth it?

The device itself costs $35 USD (unless you’re trying to get one today, good luck). The fact that the app can run in the background, yet this device still works is tempting, but it doesn’t seem like it should be worth $35 to me. We will see how well these work in the future, and if they come to do anything else.


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