Ridiculous: You’ll be able to pay for XP in Destiny: Rise of Iron

True to the direction in which games are going (no matter how hard we try to fight it), you will be able to pay for experience in the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion.

Hooray for Capitalist greed

Hooray for Capitalist greed

According to GameSpot, players will be able to buy experience boosters using Silver, the in-game currency that can only be attained with real money.

These experience boosters will increase the rates of experience gain for Crucible, House of Judgement and Vanguard. However, they will also be available through Sterling Treasure Boxes or Radiant Treasures.

I cannot possibly truly get across to you my disdain for this type of game development. If the expansion itself were free, fine, I could understand that they need to make money somewhere, but to have to pay for the expansion, and then have these microtransactions right there in your face, taunting you to spend your money on something is one of, if not the, worst thing a developer can do. The time of video games needing skill is dwindling, and soon, like everything else in this world, those with money will prosper, and those kids who are too young to work, and only get gifts on Christmas and maybe their birthdays won’t be able to keep up.

Sure, these are first world problems, I know, but regardless, it is ridiculous.

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